As the date gets closer I find myself thinking back to a girl I once worked with who one day came to work with a hiking backpack. She quit not ten minutes later, coming in only to say her goodbye’s to each of us.

She knew about taking a break from the world and social media much sooner than the rest of us and decided to sublet her apartment until the lease ran out so she could live in another country with nothing but herself and that backpack.

It seemed to me to be a good thing, something I’d considered but wasn’t too sure about. We’d worked together for two years until that day and no longer can I remember her name.

As the date gets closer it’s been made clear what options lay before us, before all of us, in how we live our lives. There are people I don’t know who’ve made a home for me in other parts of the world. People whose hearts are so open and loving that their kindness often feels unreal. But I’m not the only one. There are others who’ve taken them up on their offers that return to report it’s true – that kind of love really exists. Those who make the decision to remain return only to satisfy their governments and sometimes their families, for one or two months before turning back to other worlds.

I’m reminded that wherever we return from or arrive to, we take all parts of ourselves, parts we’d wish would stay behind and parts we long to rekindle a relationship with, the parts closest to nature. I think it’s what draws all of us to those places. A knowing that nature is the truest and most loving dwelling place.

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