fried chicken

How does it happen if you don’t smoke? Today is all about manifesting healing of the lungs.

Voice is ranging somewhere between two year old girl and 80 year old man, but no matter where anyone stands in life, you gotta work with what you have, be grateful for whatever that is, and then hit it outta the park. Next year we plan on working to produce my own songs and music, but I’m not sure how long this will remain an obsession.

The psych is steering me toward working on a support system and avoiding burnout. He’s a real sweetheart and his ideas aren’t bad, but he’s young and I’ve studied from the same books. There’s something within me that’s hardcoded to avoid connecting with people on a deep level, and as long as I believe that, I won’t make any new connections. Mingling with people isn’t where it starts because I’ll attract what I believe, another person not believing they can develop a deep relationship. Burnout is a real thing for everyone, even kids, but I can’t (won’t) work the hours I used to so don’t think it will happen. I spin a lot of shit, and if something falls down and breaks, I don’t care too much unless it’s a loved one. All in all, all is well.

Guess you gotta chase the egg and remind the chicken to sit on it before your brain gets fried.

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