what do I think?

a pause for ten seconds to contemplate what would happen to me if honest. all i could think was that in the past i’d held back too much in that kind of contemplation. me. i couldn’t be real because i was too concerned i’d be let go, and being let go only reinforced the idea that i wasn’t worth being held onto.

but of course the idea that you’ll be let go ensures you’ll be let go.

a business has no value other than the one created in the consumer’s mind but in the eleventh second i still told him i’d fire everyone and start over. he asked why.

i told him it was because the people pushing the brand didn’t believe in it anymore than santa claus. it was just opinion, but the next day a full stop was placed on operations, and i wasn’t sure how to live with the guilt of expressed thought.

It would have been better to be assigned farmer of flower fields. What opinion can possibly harm a petal?

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