cold dying skin mingles with the scent of listerine and old urine as i move closer to stare more intently at the hollows in her cheeks where flesh had dissolved leaving only skin clinging to skeleton. the room is cold and her mouth is open as if there is one more thing she wanted to say. they were coming soon to take her away and grandma gave me only five minutes alone to pray.

“Dear God,
I know I’m responsible for her broken hip. Please forgive me. I know she’s not here so can you please tell her I love her and that I hope she forgives me too. Please tell her I’ll miss feeding her and that I’m really sorry she could only eat oatmeal, jello, and eggs. I know she can’t see the flowers we brought her from the garden so if you could give her a flower field instead that would be awesome. I bet she’s finally walking, maybe even running now. It’s hard to imagine but I’ll try anyway cause Grandma says we have no more afflictions when we die. Grandma really loves you and if you could give her an extra tight hug today I think it will make her feel better. I have to go cause they’re getting ready to take her body. Amen.”

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