jumble — but love

most of what i know of god was affirmed in a time where i knew nothing of bibles, churches, or fellowship. he was my first imagined friend, and the only trusted with my joy, pain, hopes, and wishes.

sometimes i think it’s that relationship that leads me to believe fantasies aren’t as unreal or untouchable as the world would have me believe.

it seems the deepest peace is attained when pouring most of ones energy into their mind’s pursuits, but i don’t know if that’s true of a mind that pursues everything.

my favorite part of the bible was grandma’s bookmark. it kept changing places and i knew she’d had the thing memorized. she didn’t know she was teaching me that memorization wasn’t enough to walk the intended path. she was teaching me that she still got lost and that her mind was pursuing her heart.

i get lost in times like these and when i do always think of her and in tribute with my daughter make bookmarks to give away throughout the year. sometimes i don’t know if it’s what you read so much as why.

i don’t think anyone should stop writing in judgment of their own work. you never know how many bookmarks are being used to stay the path.

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