another opportunity

three margaritas in it was clear i was talking too much and being too personal but i couldn’t stop myself. it was the first time i’d tasted a coconut margarita after all. i should have taken an uber home but hoped the sign of the cross would work instead. it was my second round with valet and the first time they charged me $56 for three hours. i almost said what the fuck but didn’t, cause inflation & shit. the guy recognized me and for another five hours only charged me $10. somehow all the tipsy chitty chatty worked in my favor cause another gig was offered, almost as if god was affirming that the time was now, with a thumbs up to quitting the other gig as planned.

on another note, i finally met the team, and the guy i thought was single turned out to be married. no ring no ring no ring gets me every time. since his four year old daughter was so freakin’ adorable i didn’t care cause we became fast besties in a matter of minutes. actually, everyone there was married but it was okay. i was probably just happy to be outside in the sun with a group of comedians.

my next connection will come when it’s time, and likely when i’m not looking. i think that was today’s message, and maybe also that coconut margarita’s in the sun makes for easy laughter.

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