way up high

trying to figure out where and when things really started to go wrong and for whatever reason the movie carrie came to mind.

in the normal course of living i document everything and 95% of the time never go back to review it, so this 5% i’ve been reviewing feels like a short-film on the topic of self-preservation that’s been marketed as a film about how it takes a village and it was interesting that for the longest time all i saw was the child.

at some point in the day i’d counted a total of three men that apologized to me for being in the position i’m in yet in the same breath using the word beg to ask me not to leave, at least not just yet. reviewing the days events i have to laugh, because this is not the way i envisioned being wanted.

that infamous 50k foot view reminds me it’s not at all as serious as everyone thinks. we’re just humans figuring out shit, none of us capable of meeting any of the standards the world has set for our height, weight, and temporal caloric capacity. some eat because they don’t understand fullness and others eat because they do.

the rest are like carrie, ushered to the stage unaware of the audiences true intentions.

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