Breakfast with a Friend

Reverting to plant-based meals sounded like a good idea so breakfast was kale, squash, tofu, and seasonings. The cat sat next to me on the kitchen table interested in the smells. There was a time when the cat being on the kitchen table would have grossed me out but for some reason I’m okay with it now.

Wondering if any of it might cause her to puke I gave her only the tiniest piece of squash and she looked at me as if to say, “That’s all you’re gonna share?” I said, “Nah, hold on,” and gave her a bit of tofu. She liked it so much I began to wonder if I’d forgotten to feed her but looked over and no, she had food in her bowl, the same old boring kibble.

So that’s how the next twenty minutes went – her and I sharing breakfast in silence and gratitude.

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