watching his lips move and expression change i daydream ever so slightly, wondering wondering wondering the difference between kindness and romantic interest. i will never know even though i know and perceive the deft arrangement of relationships in relation to the axis of human hierarchy.

his eyes are brown or perhaps hazel but in haste i once penned them as blue, a frequent oddity of memories algorithm. his voice is soft and demeanor welcoming though even now doesn’t compare to daydream’s of today. those that live here in body whilst mind struggles to extricate itself from its true home understand the offering of loneliness and the ongoing philanthropy of time.

wondering what it would be like to have daydreams meet at some dimensional apex, where stifled passions find themselves unleashed and spilling over mountains like lava, every touch qualitative in nature and revealing subtle intricacies between standing amongst breathtaking views and being the landscape.

at the edge of the oak forest the story writes itself and i with unadorned fear walk naked into the sea.

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