tag team

it’s been an exceptionally busy week and today was filled with non-stop team calls and interviews. even though it doesn’t feel like work’s getting done i remind myself how important it is not to silo or pretend things can be accomplished expeditiously without cooperation and communication.

the assessment used the word ‘scatter’ when describing my organizing style, but explained why and how to improve which was helpful. it said i’d likely scatter because of starting too many projects at once, and while that sounds like a no-brainer i never looked at it that way. i looked at it as the starting of too many projects was the main issue, and this looked at the starting (and finishing) of many projects as a skill. go figure.

there’s a guy i’ve been working with who’s taken an interest in me but it’s not serious, and it feels good to talk to someone on a just getting to know you level while also having a great tag team synergy for tasks that require both of our energy to accomplish. i rarely cross the business/personal line but when i do feel a warmth in re-remembering how similar everyone is to one another, and how it feels for someone to want to talk to me just because i’m me.

i’ve had covid so my paradox of the decade is that i just got vaccinated; a paradox because i’m a borderline antivaxxer, because the billions in revenue made by the pharm companies scares the shit out of me but in the end became a requirement for travel which led me to have a heart to heart with what i know versus what i might fear.

nothing can stop a story that’s already been etched in time with a flair of finality. how i go is no more a choice than how arrived, and though pretending that all in between is a choice know better.

so onward we go, complete with the unknowing of knowing.

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