what i learned

after all this time they asked me to take the harrison assessment, which i found humorous and interesting. my tendency is to believe all of those kinds of tests can be manipulated to influence desired outcomes but i was honest in my answers, curious with the output.

learned that i’m a 98% match for the position i’m in. great. not sure how i’d have felt if the percentage was 10%. that said, i’m also a 95% match for a welding, photonics, nano systems, solar equipment, fuel cell, and wind energy engineer. after reading that far i began to doubt the accuracy of the test, minus wind energy engineer cause that was once an interest.

the assessment is a great tool for coaches, especially when working with people that can’t perceive the number of transferrable skills they’ve acquired over time and in their particular area(s) of work, whether they be at home or out in the field. it’s especially beneficial for employers when filtering through job candidates or just wanting to know how better to communicate and support their employee’s efforts.

there’s also a paradox section which gave me the giggles because it was pretty on target with reality. overall, it’s a great tool to use for personal self-improvement and a great way to facilitate a first coaching session.

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