not ours

there still exist places where walking around naked in your home will get you fined for pornography; places where singing in public can land you in jail for disturbing peace; places where two men or two women walking hand in hand will land them in prison for years; places where a black woman and a white man will be stoned or have their home burned down for loving one another; places where children continue to be slaves, sex and otherwise to feed man’s wiles; places where the meek are locked away for lifetimes for having an absence of fight; places where crime has no corresponding punishment; places where news is broadcast like adult cartoons to put men and women to sleep so real crimes can take place in silence and peace. there exist places where murder is legal and birth is not, where rape is punishment and starvation a way of life. there aren’t enough courts, laws, or people in the world to make it right, because there are too many souls on the side of wrong. we tend to support what we see and close our eyes to what we know but can’t face. we take up markers and picket signs, march and scream for women’s right to choose all while celebrating the end of a slavery that never ended. man cares nothing for his supreme court’s and their inferior dispensations of injustice. man will do what he will regardless the consequences of his actions. there is no place in the world where being authentically oneself can exist unpunishable in the eyes of judgment. the meek do not fight because in their wisdom know there is no prize or clean air to be found on earth through battling smoke from the incense of human tears.

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