public urgency

everything you write and say is available for dissemination regardless what you think. guy sends me a ridiculously long text containing an air of urgency and while i know it’s a guy i don’t know which. took me 15 minutes to figure out who the hell was writing me, then another 2 to consider he was just covering his ass because a phone call would have been more efficient. but i answered and was blunt cause hell if diplomacy isn’t one of my weaknesses. fuck it. i don’t need to remember wtf i wrote cause it’s the truth.

on the other side a different guy ignores me for a day then tells me to talk to the legal team on his behalf. legal team writes me and i’m supposed to train the new guy tomorrow and tell him to watch podcasts cause the owner thinks it’s valuable. sigh. guy would get more value out of me cumming all over his face but i can’t say that. hell, i would get more value out of the whole shebang in that scenario.

might be borderline cranky ass this evening.

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