one way to ‘eens

so i’m talking to this lady and almost offhandedly she said,

“yeah, everyone’s going on salary next week…”

i stopped the subject train i was on just to stare at her. did she just say wtf i thought she said? her camera was on – mine was off. not a fan of doing that to people but the plumbers were here, the water was off, and i looked exactly like the bride of frankenstein, if she was brown and wore only a bra and underwear.

anyway — she hit my pet peeve spot pretty good and i didn’t even get a trigger warning but to be fair, she doesn’t know me that well yet. she’s got tenure, so i love her for the fact that i can ask a billion questions that can prevent me from re-inventing or spinning my wheels. she’s also one of those people who doesn’t consider that there are a million ways to do a thing, so if one doesn’t work she crumbles. still, she’s a sweetheart and has uber grandma vibes.

my pet peeve is not being informed, but especially about things that should get my approval before proceeding forward. i’m not a fan of cleaning up shit just because someone didn’t consider that mixing chemical a with chemical b might blow a few things to smithereens.

not that i know where the fuck smithereens is; only know i don’t want to buy a plane ticket to get there.

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