we had a really long chat yesterday and he almost seemed like the guy i met ten years ago because for a while I was concerned about him in a “somethings going on” but i don’t feel close enough to ask kind of way.

before him i didn’t think i could work alongside a guy and there not be a physical attraction but he’s proved to me it’s possible and that if there’s genuine respect for the other person and their work, then that can be enough to sustain a work relationship.

he comes up for me now because i was feeling gratitude about a few things he taught me recently. coaching is part of his natural makeup so when he talks there tends to be some form of teaching happening at the same time. he opened up about some personal stuff going on his life but i believe because it’s also in resolution mode.

the joyful side of him had returned because he was finally moving into a home with his fiancé, a move that for a myriad of reasons included roadblock after roadblock. because he’d resolved some of the personal stuff going on in his life he was able to speak from that natural place again.

just that alone along with a few other things helped me to understand a whole lot.

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