Wonder Woman

no matter who you think you are, you’ll not be allowed to view let alone break the code.

it’s thursday and the anger is gone. even on the phone without seeing my face or speaking i managed to give a guy the impression i didn’t know what i was doing. i didn’t listen to much of what he said, just honed in on his tone.

old school. really old school. inflexible. really inflexible. sweet. sticky overly sweet. before we got off the call he stopped the goodbyes with an air of urgency to ask to schedule one on one time right away so he could teach me a few things.

but of course. yes, sir…

seconds later i sent him my contact details and an example of my work which was at least a hundred times more sophisticated than he intended to school me about.

he didn’t write. didn’t call. didn’t send an invite.

but i’m not mad or offended. not this time.

it’s okay if people think i’m stupid. i’m beginning to believe it’s a superpower.

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