jiminy cricket am i old.

on the phone knew the kid was a kid but not twenty years younger a kid. his accent escaped me but i could understand him so had no issues communicating. it took two interviews and a lot of back and forth with another person before deciding he was the one for the job.

now that we’ve met face to face it’s clear he’s eqyptian but also i noticed he has two different eyes. kinda know what that means cause the same thing happened to me for a while.

not like a real versus glass eye but one eye eliciting joy and the other eliciting a completely different emotion. had they been visual versus phone interviews i wouldn’t have chosen him for that idiosyncrasy alone.

it’s hard to explain why but i kinda wanna try. maybe in short i find it to mean something dark and while it doesn’t matter to me what the specifics of that darkness is, i know i don’t want that kind of energy in the workspace i’d mapped out. it’s not even that it’s bad energy; it’s more that it’s volatile. when anyone is capable of separating their emotions from pupil to pupil, their dissociation skills are top notch, and in some cases, pretty fuckin’ scary. don’t think i’m explaining it well – but i tried.

i’ll love, train, and support the kid as best i can but hope he’s not the flake i sense, cause honestly, i could just be having an old-fashioned jiminy cricket chirp-athon.

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