unwrapping time

constant movement and constant stillness is one way the day can be summed up. words that align with the experiences are trickling through.

so many people, so much vulnerability, and so much intention toward manifestation. i’m careful not to translate planned experiences as impartation of authentic wisdom, but am open to learning whatever resounds as true. although beautiful, it’s not an experience i feel need to repeat in coming years, not if i’ve understood and captured the essence of the overall intention and how it might be used to the benefit of my heart and others.

age has removed the fire behind desire to be a change maker in a grand sense. if everyone left behind selfish pursuits, focused on living a simple life grounded in nature, whatever nature might mean to them, then they’re a change maker in the most important sense, and the soil they cultivate will bloom, some fading quickly and others procreating, none too good to be revered, and none too bad to be scorned.

there is no expectation for outcomes but still i’m jaded. deep down everyone has need of self-preservation, and deeper down still, i want to know what it looks like when that layer of the self is held in a safe space by someone not because they understand the burden, but because they own it too. we aren’t family if we don’t sacrifice the oxygen mask for the time it takes to acknowledge that the volume of our breaths matter little if not used to breathe life into someone we love. all of that time is a gift to be opened over and over and over again.

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