there’s a boy/girl scout feel to the activities, the only difference being the adults are asked to be like children. there are three families, ten singles, and the remaining are couples. adults range in age from late thirties to late seventies with fifties being in the mid-range.

my openness to experience factor is pretty high unless given too much time to ruminate on consequences. without that time i’m all in, prepared or not to deal with the results later.

even so – I said, um – yeah. no.

until frail seventy-two year old aleen from waiheke island came up behind me and talked my ear off for hours about her most recent world travels then asked if i was looking forward to mepantigan later that afternoon.

i asked if she was going and she said yes so what could i say?

something about her being so exuberant and open to life experiences at her age led me to change my mind.

as i walked away to put on my swimsuit i thought, “great. more vulnerability. full body contact with strangers in the mud. maybe i’ve lost my marbles. all my marbles must be mini marshmallows.”

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