steam clings to glass and tears cover the windows. each view brings on a different emotion. on one side is a field of lush greenery, a cow and her baby slowly grazing. on another side is a balcony and an infinity pool only several steps away from the bedroom. on another side is a paddy field with a only handful of laborers working this morning. on still another side the city can be seen, busy with the intuitive flow of endless traffic. the last view almost looks like a maze of cobblestone roads converged together to create a pin on the map of where we are. the corner of a bookcase can be seen, the only hint of an outdoor library and though there is room for at least six hundred books, i pass a selection of just forty mainstream fiction novels each day. the place itself was created with passion in mind, inspiring lovemaking and reasons to snuggle in the most romantic bedroom i’ve ever been in yet recognize from a dream i’d like to believe is still in a state of manifestation. it’s hard to describe how everything is equally simple and elaborate. the boy has his own place, an impossible arrangement from where we come from. his place is larger than ours and both more romantic and elaborate. it was provided to the girl and i at first but upon walking in the energy of the rooms felt too overwhelming to sleep in so we traded. when trying to explain it they called me crazy and i wished to know better how to put into words the whole absorbing energy thing. i don’t know what’s transpired in that room but do know i don’t want to set foot in it again. the boy said he felt nothing so away he went. it’s the only time in history i shut out clients completely and kept my word to myself about not working. it’s the first time in history i didn’t feel guilty about it or scared they’d all let me go when i returned because i pressed pause. i’m left wondering how home is split amongst these different windows and how it is my focus shifts back to the window yet revealed. i’m not sure but think i should be easing back into work this day with maybe an hour or so and crossed fingers it doesn’t unleash the workaholic beast deep down. routines will change soon and i’m curious and excited to see what that means for everyone. i will remember this place for a long time and how much my heart yearned for one desired puzzle piece to reveal that last window.

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