in the last few hours think i figured it out.

like the kids i’m not used to receiving so much attention either. one night i’m lonely and the next night everyone is reaching out so often that i actually want to be left alone.

there’s nothing wrong with the attention per se, but it feels like overkill. these people want to hang out together every day for everything from early morning gym workouts all the way through to 9pm dinners and on so many levels this is strange as all hell to me.

and the photos. holy hell these are some video-shooting, photo-capturing mofos. so far everyone’s exchanged over 800 snapshots and 20 or so videos. they live as if today is all there is and i get it – agree – but observing it is like waking up and admiring birds that turn out to be bats. such a bad analogy. i’m exhausted and writing myself to sleep.

the girl and i went to dinner. it was fun and pretty late when we left. we weren’t sure whether to look for a ride or walk back so while chatting on the sidewalk the loveliest old man approached and asked if we needed a ride. he struggled but got us back to our starting point. all for a dollar and some laughter at his hilarious maneuvering to get around a random horse that refused to move.

but really people are so kind it seems reasonable to believe we’re on some post-apocalyptic version of the truman show.

in conclusion i’m probably just delirious.

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