dissociating vapors

we stand in line for the train. everyone looks great. i on the other hand look as if someone is slowly boiling me from head to toe. my face is red and water is literally dripping from every part of my body that it can drip from. it would be one thing if we were moving or exercising or had just taken a hike (dear god not another hike) but no, we were just standing there waiting. girl looks at me and whispers, “mom, why are you sweating so much?” well, it wasn’t a whisper so people nearby looked at me and like her were curious to hear the answer. i ignored them all because i’ve been sweating like this for the last two weeks and am really appreciating the weather from ‘home’. i know there are others who sweat like this cause i’ve seen them, these perspirating beasts that walk leaving a trail of water behind but i can’t fathom doing this any longer without wanting to kill someone. i think i must be spoiled. or something. praying not to transform into a complete water molecule before this is over.

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