if I read the words repeatedly it seemed like they’d get inside of me, make a bed and wake refreshed, helping me see something not discerned the day before.

they kept using the word ‘indestructible’ and relating it to being. it was instinct to counter but i felt lacking in science education so just listened while attempting to conjure a list of elements in the world that were indeed indestructible.

too literal maybe. so i thought of love and wondered if it was like a where’s waldo in the periodic table. it doesn’t matter what anyone talks about. somehow i end up back at love. can yin even see anything without yang? isn’t the whole thing just a circle of love where salt and pepper is just momentarily separated? or maybe sugar and pepper or vanilla bean and cumin or sumac and cream of tartar.

speaking of cream of tartar. that, salt, flour, and kool-aid packages are the secret not secret ingredients for home-made play dough that smells good enough to eat. not fact checking it – just going off of memory cause that’s pretty much the only time i ever used c.o.t. and boy oh boy do kids love it better than the original.

dunno if indestructible is realistic. i get it but everyone’s been broken to pieces before so seems kinda like setting people up for disappointment. never met not one person who didn’t doubt themselves, doubt their position in life, doubt their value, or who did and didn’t care for or love them. some get past it, some don’t but either way, there’s some breakage involved and even though love ain’t on the periodic table i’m pretty sure it’s everyone’s basic makeup and the only part that come hell or high water doesn’t really fail, doesn’t really break.

but maybe it’s like god. can’t really share that with the masses so it gets water-downed into love your brother and your sister. even if they’re assholes. and it’s really not that hard as long as you keep clear of their shit.

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