switch adjustment

they can’t do anything to me.

in the short term maybe but only if allowed. in the long-term – no way.

got it from my mom. can’t imagine who else it came from.

mom has a no nonsense i could give two f@c!s about the rules. on top of that she cops an attitude if someone calls her out on breaking them. she has that “yeah, and so what?” response that i have too but don’t verbalize.

mom will be an anarchist until the day she dies and i’d be lying not to admit it’s that part of her i like most. she kinda taught me just by being herself that there’s no real learning in life until you go against the grain. course you end up with a crap ton of splinters but then again, you gain just as many eyes in the needle.

what got me to thinking about her was how you usually feel the writing on the wall way before you ever see it. probably makes no sense cause my brain just switched and won’t follow this train anymore.

oh well. you gotta get off somewhere.

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