wanker going once, going twice

“is there someone else i can talk to?”

that’s how she ended the sentence. first time for everything. part of me felt like i’d failed and the other part was in stitches, cause no, there was no one else to talk to – the buck stops at me. there’s no supervisor, no manager, no president, not no one that could help this gal but me.

that’s not really true. what’s true is that people can try to figure things out for themselves or come to realize that the help they seek may need to be sought elsewhere. i’ve tried kissing ass – lord knows I’ve given it the ‘ole college dropout try but alas – no ass.

however, the question does encourage a hard and fast ego check. one where you can be a complete wanker or one where you can step back and attempt to see things from the other person’s perspective. but i’ve had an increasingly pissy friday so i ended the chat on wanker setting.

maybe monday’s are better days to ask to speak with someone else.

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