the dungeon

five rooms. each one catering to a different fetish. not sure if fetish is the right word. think so. does kink and fetish kinda mean the same thing?

she’s explaining to me what her speciality is – sensation. examples were wearing gloves with pointed studs and rubbing them across people’s skin. using whips, feathers, hard, fast, soft slow. some people ask her to humiliate them and she said she’ll do but it’s not her preference.

it seemed to me that this kind of thing was like a fraternity and required an initiation or ‘bdsm god-parent’ of some sort to vet you in but in her case she happened upon a man who would become her boyfriend and convinced her to be a sub in the relationship.

it isn’t clear to me if i’m fascinated about the service so much as her openness in talking about it and answering my questions, cause at some point i just kept railing them off one after the other, like she was my study partner and i was asking the questions she needed to memorize for the upcoming exam.

the quicker and more thorough her answers kinda revealed how deep in the game she really was. it wasn’t until later when i did some brief googling did it occur to me that you are either completely naked or partially naked in both the sub and dom roles. she’d mentioned doing a show for people once and i didn’t even know that was a thing.

after a few days of thinking about it i withdrew from volunteering. pretty sure that being in an environment where people enjoy honoring someones request of being sexually humiliated would mess me up in the head. just a little more than now.

to each his or her own?

I don’t know. i get stuck in the psychological weeds of all it. i’d be open for just about anything with my partner but as a profession – eh, not so much.

guess i’m content to learn and use all the ‘stuff’ but limit practice to non-dungeon like atmospheres where humiliation is off the table, along with spikes and knives.

maybe i’ll use just 25% of it. who can’t handle blindfolds, candlewax, feathers and whips?

been awake for a long time now. going to get on my knees and welcome the sleep gods, or whatever you call ’em.

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