fair ick

remember being in awe when i saw folks with frosted flakes or lucky charms in their grocery cart. mom couldn’t even afford the big dog food version of fortunate stars.

wanted to work for myself for two reasons. one, to be a mama on my own terms, and two, wanted to find ways to taste envy and figure out if it was worth the cost.

there’s not too much difference in being a mama on either side of the coin – you either flip upright or you don’t. and marshmallows might be shaped differently from one box to the next, but gelatin is gelatin and you either wiggle or freeze at the false pretense of processing.

grew up knowing i didn’t know captain crunch but hoping someone would introduce me. when they did i learned he was nothing outside of his name and was a soggy mess after less than a minute of speaking to boot.

then there are days like today where it feels like i’m a flake in a bowl filled with fruitless cum.

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