dream team

put together your dream team he said.

realized i’m ancient.

people’s words look like translucent shower curtains.

the skin on the other side is plain as day to me.

they think their words sound like song and that acoustics will trip me up.

i’m hard of hearing so all that’s left is a permeable cover.

looking down i’m hypnotized by water leaking from shower to floor.

looking up i see they’re wearing clothes and feeling heavy under my stare.

i nod and it’s misinterpreted as okay.

they’re wearing clothes and it’s water not me causing heaviness.

if only i had such power.

self-serving is a silent cry flooding shit holes without plungers or mops.

he be pretentious to think suggestion of a dream team smooths ones feathers.

what is worse is he can’t conceive my nakedness nor does he want to.

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