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not that i’m counting but he’s on the sixth mention of “my last divorce” and this is our fourth call this week. the things people repeat are the things they tend to be unresolved about. i’ve worked with this guy and his wife for ten years and ninety-nine percent of my conversations are with him. the wife and i shoot the typical annual shit every january, except this year was a little different; she’d had an emotional breakdown of sorts and although it would seem i’d be the last person she’d reach out to for comfort she still chose to reach out. i think there’s some aspect of ‘you don’t know me so probably won’t judge me like the ones who know me do’. i don’t know. i was on standby for a few months and she got through it, stopped calling in tears and so i hoped that meant everything was better. but his references this week lead to me consider otherwise. their girl is gone off to college and there’s no one home anymore. he travels out of the country over half of the year and she travels out of the state the other half. not sure if the heart grows fonder or not – am of the opinion the heart is fond or it isn’t. so i listen to him now. his mom’s going through dementia and though he has siblings her care is falling completely on his shoulders. his wife is adorable, kind, sort of insecure about being taken care of, slightly gullible, and nearsighted on matters of life. can’t say a divorce would kill her but definitely think it would require her to be put away for a while. the husband though – he’s got a fishnet cast around the world so he’ll be fine. just wish i didn’t have a preview of what’s to come.

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