can’t explain it.
feels like i’ve aged a hundred years overnight and that the person i used to be threw in the towel and gave me full access to their corpse.
it’s rare that people aren’t talking to her with a sense of grief or urgency and i think she just said fuck it.
maybe she was tired of listening or trying to recalibrate at their speed.
she doesn’t feel healthy. in fact, she feels like a ball of rubber bands about to burst.
i want to cry for her but not sure her eyes can handle it or if the people she lives with will see something different and realize she’s not here anymore.
wound. she’s tight.
but in an odd way also hollow.
this isn’t the body i’d have a preference to take over.
mind you, it’s not the worst, but the darkness in the hollow makes it a challenge for sure.
maybe i can figure out where she left off. probably going to need a hand. or two.

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