the mornings after

almost as if fate had it planned, my next scheduled call was the most uplifting of the year.

she lost her grandmother a few weeks prior, a woman she describes as her rock. she calls this her ‘me’ year, a year where she’s put herself out there to flow in the spaces and places being led. it’s benefited her. she’s made ten times more money than she did as an employee, has branched out in areas that in the past were only considered dreams, and she’s just no frills down to earth and real.

for whatever reason she wanted to feed me, as in fill my cup with words of inspiration. the words i’d heard a million times before but the intention behind care is sometimes more meaningful than the care itself. in just being herself she reminded me about the importance of listening to where you are so you know when and if it’s time to go.

she’s one of those people who gets great energy from the earth and her resources so physical places mean more to her than myself though i strive to ‘hear’ her heart that it might help me feel an inkling of what she refers to as purity on earth. it makes sense and i understand, but on the other hand…

… so many on their way out of this earth have used heart and imagination joined without fight to create that same purity, that same quality of ethereal peace often dormant in the adult spirit.

the idea that we can go somewhere else and be different people unfolds into the construction of homes, relationships, and families but just as equally demolishes them too.

guess it was uplifting cause i felt to have understood her description of purity when thinking about how sometimes i don’t want to get up in the morning not because he’s physically next to me but because he is spiritually. every morning’s not the same cause he’s not always there, but on the morning’s he is, life feels pure.

course it comes back to him. always does.

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