when the bottom feeders are on the top

been a while since hours have g one missing but here we are, the realization that i’ve done little to nothing in 8 hours after allowing only one phone call to throw me off my game.

it went something like this: ten executives making jokes about their employees and how stupid they are for approximately 1.5 hours. i unmuted twice, intending to derail the discussion but stopped, waiting to see how many would participate first. out of twelve, only two said nothing and did not laugh, and i’m one of the two.

being in the minority usually carries some bullshit kind of weight cause no matter what you say or don’t say, you’re gonna be the poster child for something. i went silent cause i was angry. sure, i’ve been around someone talking about someone else, but a whole room of folks making fun of people they most surely consider beneath them was a first.

the silence covered a lot of things, anger only one. the other was ethics. it was an unwanted appeal to look at myself in the mirror and ask if i was really going to stand up for people who don’t even know they’re being stepped on. i cried like a dumbass cause their words were just that cruel and their combined laughter disgusting. i cried cause i knew i’d have to take some kind of action that i’m not even sure will make a difference. i cried cause i’m going to pay for that action both literally and figuratively. deep down i wish i didn’t give a rats patooty.

i asked god for some things he’s come through on and i’m fairly sure he’ll come through on the rest. just gotta stop looking at the clock and wondering where all the hours have g one.

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