mountains, rocks and rivers

first question, “did you think about who you’d like your top five mentors to be?”

i’d given it thought all week and before the call my stomach was crazy with anxiety not knowing how to tell him “yeah. but no one”. cause it’s not meant literally but sounds like it. how the hell do you pick a top five? doesn’t that leave you at the beck and whim or call of bias? and why five – is that some magical learning number someone studied and decided would be good to aim for in terms of teacher/student ratio? i already know my issue. as if i have one. ha. but the main one. i know the main one as well as its source.

in a nutshell my weakness is managing people and no matter where i go i end up managing people so maybe it was a few years ago where i decided to just work on getting better at it but my way of doing that was deciding only to work with groups of people managing people. it’s been a hell of a journey and probably not the best way to go about it but I’ve come to learn that being a good manager is mostly about loving people enough to dig into differences between agreements and behaviors, loving them enough to care about the source of misalignment and instead of trying to change the person, having lack of ego enough to change the agreement. everything’s scaleable under this approach. this is where it’s funny cause the last thing i want to do is to scale a business. life is challenging enough scaling all these inherited mountains.

this isn’t what i was initially going to write about. i’ll try to write more later, about things my heart is really focused on all day.

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