long day. not done.

my mom used to tell me it takes a man to raise a boy. think it was just her way of trying to get out of being judged for how my brother turned out. one could say it takes a woman to raise a girl too and i never looked at mom as a man or a woman. when i was a kid she was a non-pronoun. an it. a monster not defined by genitals.

i’m laughing cause it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. i could only dream that her having a vagina was the conversion protocol for motherhood. part of the reason i’m a crank ass is cause my oldest drives me bananas and sometimes i really wanna lean back and say, well, if he had a this or a that he might be this way or that way. but those are just made up things. everyone imagines to need a this or a that to be a this or a that. hello beauty industry and standards.

at some point though you can’t blame yourself for how people turn out, not any more than you can blame yourself for the way a tomato grows from the vine. you either eat it, give it away or let it rot. i know there are more options. there’s tomato paste, tomato sauce, horror movie makeup, still photo model, lots of cool stuff really.

long day.

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