sword of damocles

won’t get too hung up in the idea that it’s called the art of manliness; just added kind after man to get past the judgment my mind wanted to inflict. sunday seems too peaceful a day to really dig into nassim taleb’s anti-fragile, then again – it’s only sunday for me.

i really really really want to care but on some level it all strikes me as nonsensical ways to call a thing a thing. it’s fuckin’ ego affixed to competition dressed in a brown paper bag so as to appear humble and filled with the merits of good and ten headed godly things. feigning humility is an automated self-defense for protecting self-image with a smattering of self-sufficiency for good and confusing measure.

there’s no lesson to be learned about how people work. by and large people work in self-interest and to get on their good side all you have to do is dig through layers of bullshit and pretend to be interested in them. the difference between those at the top and those at the bottom is in the investment of shovels.

sending me bullshit to read on a sunday to tell us how to craft a message to better meet their objectives. why the hell should anyone be so focused on someone else’s objectives? my fault for reading email today cause tomorrow i wouldn’t have given it this much thought.

oh the assumptions.

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