salon at home

being in another country didn’t impact me as much as it appeared to impact everyone else. it’s not as if it didn’t impact me at all because there were some things i felt different about when i returned home.

i’ve been visiting nail salons since i moved to the city i’m in. the first time i ever visited a nail salon was in preparation for marriage, and only because my ex’s daughter told me i needed to get my nails professionally done. it was the first time a nail technician told me i should get my face waxed. it was the first time i learned all nail technicians magically transform into estheticians. it was the first time a stranger took me into a room, turned off the lights, told me to lay down, and then held a lighted magnifying mirror over my face to prove i was a gorilla masquerading as a human and i was only two days away from saying i do.

for whatever reason, that tiny little lady convinced me i needed to return every two weeks and return every two weeks i did until one week when the wax burned the skin right off my cheek. it was then i decided to live as a gorilla and not suffer the future possibility of my face melting over time.

fast forward twenty-something years where in such time i’ve learned that my hormones are not so steady. i’d always had a tad more testosterone than according to doctors i should have. it made sense especially when i couldn’t get pregnant for years. it’s not like i had hair around my nipples or anything. at some point after all the babies, the hormones calmed down and balanced themselves out. speaking of babies, i do declare the most lovely part to have been the breastfeeding. i could write a series on the beauty of breastfeeding. maybe I will someday.

my daughter hates going to the nail salon. she feels like everyone is staring at her because she still gets comments about her eyes and has grown to hate it also. anyway, travel is an exciting thing for her and i got some of greatest joy witnessing her ameliorate the surroundings. she didn’t hesitate to drop into a nail salon with me, but because i’d been to maybe thirty salons in ten years i could tell the difference in services provided by this salon were like night and day.

fast forward at home and i’m looking at my nails and deciding it’s time to schedule an appointment to get a new color, something more neutral than sky blue. I begin taking the polish off and realize how easy it is to remove. more surprisingly was that the nail beneath was completely undamaged. I couldn’t believe it. I had a healthy strong nail beneath that polish. I got to wondering about the products used in that shop versus all the shops I’d visited.

at the end of the wondering i decided my nail salon days were officially over. a few years back we had these teeny boppers come by to visit and I’d stocked up on nail supplies so whoever wanted, could play nail salon. i was the owner of the shop and did everyone’s nails at a discount. no one had to pay money but everyone had to bring someone positive to the nail salon (kitchen) table. those days went by fast, so fast i didn’t have time to miss them.

in the meantime i’ve stocked up on supplies and right now I’m wearing mauve. the job i did is quite. horrible but because this will be a regular thing i know i’ll get better. it feels good not to feel a need to go to the salon to be touched anymore. it’s become more important for me to touch myself. not like that. well, maybe like that too.

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