showed her the world

that’s the man she wanted back, the man she said through tears she wanted back. was it cold to think “he gone honey”?

from beginning to end you don’t get people the way you found them. least i’d hope not. person goes year after year not realizing how drastically they’ve changed and get angry when recognizing change in someone else, change that doesn’t mold to the expectation of who they’d be “down the line”.

course there are parts of everyone that are pretty solid, parts not likely to change cause they’re so ingrained into the bloodline. good or bad, those are the parts to hold onto. the core. cause shit all around us is melting all the time and we either become the vessel or part of the blend.

either way, that man that brought you flowers for ten years might stop in year eleven. not cause he’s cheating or doesn’t love you. he’s eighty for fuck sake and maybe the flower budget shifted to the prescription medication budget. crying for the return of the forty year old that humped like a bunny is silly. and whoa upon whoas, there’s always the possibility he changed his mind, is on viagra and still humping like a bunny in someone else’s bed. hell, i don’t know. i had nothing nice to say so didn’t say anything at all course writing it out isn’t any better.

If I refer to 70s and 80s I’m probably talking about 50’s and 60’s. It’s a small way to protect the identities of the people I think exist. For what it’s worth, I didn’t know what she meant when she said he showed her the world. Did she mean the physical world, the spiritual world, a globe, a map, trains, planes, automobiles, dictionary, time machine, a movie series? If I met someone that showed me the world I’d take that as a sign that death is but one breath away.

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