buncha bull

“they deserve the very best, and we’re gonna give them the very best,” she said to the camera.

i rolled my eyes.

i was in an ornery mood due to the discovery of another round of hair loss. i’d like to pretend i don’t notice it or that it doesn’t bother me but in truth i feel panicked that after all these years it might be vanity that sends me to a doctor’s office.

she was talking about how beautiful the property was and bla bla black people bla bla bla.

dawns on me that maybe i’m an asshole for not feeling some special type of way about people with skin tones like mine. should i be grateful i’m not picking cotton? i’m so desensitized to slavery. wink wink.

shits all so temporal and when has anyone not felt enslaved without physical chains. hundreds of years later “we’re” supposed to travel first class into a different country, stick a flag in the ground and have it mean what?

what’s the fucking goal? if “they” can do it “you” can do it?

By 2024 I’ll have been completely transformed into Marge. Edit: Shit. I meant Maxine.

hell, you don’t need to use skin tone as an excuse for that exercise.

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