to remember

girl says she has a headache. i ask her if she wants reiki. she says, “noooo, mom! can i have medicine?’ i say “sure”, then open my drawer and take out two midol. she asks me if it’s okay to let it melt in the water and i tell her no, that she needs to swallow it. she looks at me, puts one in her mouth, begins chewing, then looks at me to tell me how gross it is. i hand her a cough drop and tell her to suck it for a few minutes before chewing it. then i look at her intently and tell her how my mom could never afford candy and how i used to steal cough drops from the pharmacy before running to my friends house to boil them in water before putting them in the oven and making candy cookies. she looked at me so bewildered that i couldn’t keep a straight face and laughed us to tears over the next five minutes, at which point she told me how sad it sounded until i began laughing again to tell her i was kidding. laughter almost always makes kids forget their pain and even if it’s only for a moment, it’a moment that makes the next much more bearable.

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