f ’em

some people believe you shouldn’t pick up a baby when it’s crying. when the baby eventually stops and all that remains is a whimper, the caregiver believes they won the training session.

“they” say it teaches the baby to self-soothe. so many studies want to prove it teaches emotional-fucking-regulation and independence cause that’s the first thing we want to teach a new born.

i’m one of those self-soothers and i know plenty others. it doesn’t really turn out the way they think. the self-soothers are the ones who turn everything inward having learned that what they feel, what they say, and who they are deserves no more attention than the flip of a light switch. self-soothers are left in the dark and believe darkness represents a major piece of who they are.

so fuck the assholes that let babies cry because of whatever belief they hold about loving someone who doesn’t know how to f’n say they just want to be held. fuck em all.

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