what? the dickens.

mrs. browder was my 7th grade english teacher and out of every teacher i had in middle or high school, she was and will always be my favorite. when she gave out assignments and i went my own way she never got mad. she always took time after class to ask what i meant in my writings. she gave me extra books to read, the ones on display behind her desk she’d sometimes use to reference history, books the school banned us to read. she told me i should write poetry and to keep writing about things in my heart. my first poem was about how i was gonna save the world by fighting war with love. she read it out loud to the class and posted it on the board for everyone to see. they laughed and it stung but didn’t change my beliefs.

it did change who’d i’d share words with cause i knew it wasn’t safe to share thoughts outside of journaling.

to know there is more requires the humility to admit hunger but it feels like failure to admit my lips are dry with words that have become ghosts in my throat haunting a silence that shadows the galloping horse in my voice.

mrs. browder was the first to introduce me to oliver twist. i’d stare at his admission of hunger for hours wondering what would have happened if he said, “thank you,” and never asked for more? i fell in love with charlie for speaking something my heart wanted to say but couldn’t articulate. i think that’s how everyone falls in love.

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