I’ll be 50 this year. Course that’s assuming I’ll arrive before check-out.

Epiphanies are dormant. Not sure if they’ll arrive on the doorstep at once or drop by throughout the year like an encyclopedia salesperson. Either way I’ll study it

To begin the next manifestation train, I’m putting out to the universe that I’d like to take on one job. Just one.

I’m working to envision it by pulling on my teenage years and early twenties. I’ve worked with some great people and although the work was never easy, the mission was always clear.

Right now I have about five full-time jobs. It doesn’t sound believable but it’s true and I hope to read this back someday and laugh instead of fret about how I ended up in this place. I have people working for me and although I’m a better manager, I’ve gotta be honest to myself and admit I don’t enjoy telling people what to do or how to do it. It’s not my jam and attending to so many missions leaves me realizing all of them are on some level the same, differentiated only by a person’s age or stage in life.

Hmmm. Funny thing happened on the way to this sentence. I may have changed my mind. Farm. Silkie Chicken Farm. Farmer!

It’s gonna happen.

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