still with me

whether wanting to or not, it’s usually me that shows my cards first and walks way from the table admitting defeat in a conflict of interest situation. for work anyway.

there’s this guy i’m not fond of who requested my services years ago who year after year returns. we don’t talk but every 300 days he writes to remind i’m still on his team.

thought to myself – this is the year to ignore him. almost made it but couldn’t ignore him nor could i ask why he just didn’t go to someone else, someone more responsive. someone not associated to a past business venture that did nothing but upset him.

what i am doing different this year is making him wait. i know it’s pissing him off in ways he can’t express because he’s a last minute susie. it’s my most passive aggressive move this year and i’m okay with it. i also hope it works and he admits it’s better to start with someone new than stick with me out of comfort.

the best things in life are right outside comfort.

guess some could call it loyalty. but what is loyalty if it don’t account for all 365 days of the year?

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