totally content with letting them think i’m slow as fuck.

partially cause when people think you’re slow they set their expectations a little lower.

partially cause it’s not my job to convince people who i am versus who i’m not.

partially cause i know none of this matters. dirt has one job.

partially cause what they think doesn’t move me. living your life based on other people’s thoughts is guaranteed to fuck you up more than life’s guarantee to fuck you up.

partially cause i’m older and the idea of needing to prove myself is horseshit.

partially cause they’re unknowingly teaching me diplomacy.

partially cause i get the giggles out of their holding back a clear wtf into my actions or inactions.

it’s not like i play a dumb blonde role. it’s more that my expression of confusion in response to simple sentences gains me entrance into the dumb blonde league.

totally depends on who i’m talking to and what the ultimate goal is. sometimes i display experience on my sleeve. just not often cause experience doesn’t necessarily equal truth.

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